Website Upgrades!

Tutor Squared welcomes all of our students and tutors to the new year! We hope you have all had a fantastic break from work and study.

Tutor Squared is happy to announce some improvements to the site that will greatly enhance all tutor’s experiences with our service.

  • All tutors will now be able to utilize the online summary form via their profile page to submit weekly tutoring summaries.
  • Tutors now have the ability to submit student testimonials via their profile page. These testimonials will then appear on their profile.
  • All tutors now have the opportunity to browse our current student listings to claim any new students that they believe they are well suited to helping. This is also to be found via the tutor profile page.

Thanks to the hard work of all of our registered tutors, Tutor Squared is looking ready to take on 2015 and continue to provide students with quality and affordable tuition throughout their study!


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